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​・Do you have a price table?

In construction and architecture, prices vary significantly depending on factors such as design, requirements, scale, as well as types of lands and laws applicable accordingly.  We are very much happy to have a first meeting and hearing for initial proposal and quotation for free.  Please contact us first.

​・What is a typical lead time?

Similar to prices and for the same reason provided above, there is not a typical lead time.

Please contact us, and we will be able to provide this information after the first meetings.

​・Do you also lease office equipment and furniture?

Yes, absolutely.  We take care of everything ranging from copy machines, desks, chairs, etc. to toilets, security cameras and so on.  Anything that you wish to be leased as a part of building and housings that we offer, just tell us.

​・Do you need to apply for construction approvals to authorities, even for temporary buildings and housings?

This also depends on many factors.  For example, temporary offices built within the area of construction sites do not require such an approval.  If that is outside of the sites, then it is necessary. 

Another example is that if one is to add extra rooms or spaces to the existing buildings or housings, and if the added area is less than 10 m2, then such approval is not necessary, provided that the land is neither categorized as fire control area nor semi fire control area.  As such, there are other conditions and factors that influences the necessity of construction approvals from authorities.  We will help you check on and go through this process, so please feel free to contact us.

​・How big of openings (doors, windows, garage shutters...etc) can prefab buildings and housings can have?


Big openings can be achieved by several means.  One of them to reinforce structure by use of load-bearing walls spaced and placed equally.  Based on customers' requests and budget, we will make the best proposals.

​・Are prefab buildings and housings fire-resistant?

Our standard buildings and housings are in general semi fire-resistant.  For full fire-resistant specifications, we can take care of them by custom products and designs.

​・Can I build in an urbanization control area?

This also depends on case by case.  For example, an addition to the existing buildings and housings that have been approved in such areas, or farming-related facility would be no problem.  Please feel free to contact us to clarify these concerns.

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